Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Voice of Orthodox People

This will probably be a brief blog post; however, I wanted to draw attention to a new Orthodox website titled We Are Orthodox. It is a upstart website based out of Atlanta Georgia which hopes to address many of the same problems which many that Greek Orthodox across the country are being confronted with: namely, the  creeping fundamentalism which has begun to infect the Orthodox Church.

Since the initial publication of my book The Crazy Side of Orthodoxy, I've been told that "Traditionalists" and fundamentalists don't exist -- well, there are an awful lot of Orthodox Christians who do think they exist and feel that there is a very real problem which must be addressed. We Are Orthodox is the latest, but not the only website out there which confronts these sorts of issues. The website Greek Orthodox for Truth and Reform  is a Chicago area based website which has been around for some time now. Both of these website openly question the orthodoxy of the creeping fundamentalism and radical traditionalism which people have begun to see within the Church. I am not the only person out there who feels that fundamentalism does exist within Orthodoxy, nor was I the first to write on the topic -- and I hope I will not be the last.

A few weeks ago the folks at We Are Orthodox asked me to write an article for their website. I was of course honored that they asked me and I was happy to do so. The article titled The Necessary Mighty Voice of Orthodox People has been posted at their website and I hope everyone will check it out -- as well as support what it is that they are trying to do.

Those of us who "criticize" the Church are not out to "destroy" the Church or faith for we love the Church. We only hope to ask questions -- though tough questions -- and make our voices heard. I know a great many people have a problem with that, but that's too bad. As the folks at We Are Orthodox says: We are Orthodox Christians. We have concerns. We are not going away.