Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

The month of November, for me, has been more than hectic -- it has been a whirlwind of chaos. Good chaos, but even good chaos is still, well, chaos.

I've been working on several writing projects: I've begun, what I hope will be, a series of articles on Orthodoxy and -- well, perhaps I'll just wait until I'm finished with them. I think they'll speak for themselves. I've been doing research for a new book and am anxiously awaiting the moment when I can make some announcements about it. But I can't, just yet.

Anyway, in my attempt to become a better blogger I just wanted to post something to wish everyone here in the States a Happy Thanksgiving. Yes, I'm Orthodox and I celebrate Thanksgiving! Does this make me a "bad" Christian? A heretical, leftist, liberal who has been ensnared by the ways of the world? Maybe it does mean that, but I'm going to celebrate the "evils" of Turkey Day and will enjoy doing it. If I have to sit through "Greek Independence Day" every year, then I'm going to celebrate Thanksgiving. Don't like it? Then you might just be an Orthodox Traditionalist!